Spring Steels and 420 Stainless Steel


Specialised Laser Products are specialists in supplying laser cut spring steel and 420 stainless steel to a wide range of industries and applications having supplied tool steels for over 20 years. 

We offer a wide range of spring steel grades in a variety of thicknesses such as: 

Cold Rolled Steel Strip, Bright Hardened: 
CS95 - 50/52RC
CS80 - 48/50RC
75Cr1 - 42/44 and 48/50RC

Available in 0.3mm - 4.3mm for maximum choice and application versatility

Hot Rolled Steel Strip:

Available from 1.8mm - 8.3mm

420 Stainless Steel:
Bright hardened to 47/51RC - Available in 0.5mm - 3.0mm
Cold Rolled Sheets (Annealed) - Available in 1.5mm - 3.5mm
Cross Rolled Sheets (Descaled and Annealed) - Available in 4.3mm - 10.5mm

The spring steels that we cut and supply to customers all across the UK are used for a wide variety of applications, including: 

  • Machine Knives
    Surgical Instruments 
    Spring Washers
    Agricultural Ground Work Products
    Hand Knives
    Slitting Line Spacers
    Circular Saw Bodies
    Scraper Blades

As well as many other applications. 

To see what SLP has to offer you please call us on 01709 837333 or email our friendly and helpful sales team at [email protected]

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