SLP - LED Lighting Upgrades To The Manufacturing Facility


Specialised Laser Products have recently invested in a sitewide update to all of our manufacturing facility lighting systems. The upgrade has replaced all of our lighting systems in the main laser cutting storage and factory areas. Our business was using fluorescent and halogen lighting and we have reduced our electricity by as much as 70% by switching to LED lighting, with a return on investment expected to be achieved within just two years.

With each light having an operational life of 50,000 hours, maintenance is drastically reduced and with an unrivalled expected failure rate of just 0.002%. the LED lighting that we have installed is expected to use 70% less energy than their equivalent halogen bulbs, in addition they provide a more uniformed distribution of bright light with less shadows, improving health and safety and creating brighter more pleasant working conditions. Our valued staff have already feedback on the benefits of a better working environment all round.

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